Piano Lessons for Children

A complete approach that will keep them playing all their lives

child playing piano

How many times have you heard people say they learned piano as a child, but never play anymore? What keeps students playing after lessons stop is a broad musical education: not just passing exams, but the full range of piano playing, especially the ability to improvise, play by ear, and sight read easily.

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Learning for lifelong enjoyment

A broad musical education

Your child will learn receive a broad piano education: a good technique, classical repertoire, sight reading, theory, ear training and improvisation. In the combination of these, students gain abilities that will be appropriate in many musical fields, such as playing in bands, accompanying singing, and playing in churches and retirement villages. They will gain an understanding and experience of music that will keep them enjoying music for life.

Teenagers bored with exams?

Teenagers who have become frustrated or bored with traditional piano lessons can learn how to play contemporary music such as pop and jazz. They can learn how to improvise and play by ear, and how to write down and perform their own compositions.


Susan's studio is located in Leichhardt, in Sydney's inner west.

Teaching terms and dates 2019

Lessons are held during NSW public school terms, with no lessons on public holidays or during school holidays. Lessons do take place on pupil free days.

  • Term 1: 30 January to 12 April
  • Term 2: 29 April to 5 July
  • Term 3: 22 July to 27 September
  • Term 4: 14 October to 18 December

Find out more

To find out more, phone Susan on (02) 8964 7630, or .

From past students

“My son’s piano performance at school was great. His piece really stood out from those of other students which frankly were technically well played but quite boring in terms of genre. It reiterates his growth since he has been playing with you and your unique approach to music and appreciation of broader range of composers. Thank you for all your work and support.” - Lara, Ashfield

“Thank you so much for being the best piano teacher, I can't wait to get my new piano! You really have been amazing and I've learnt heaps. I'm looking forwards to learning more piano next year! So excited!”