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For teachers, students and music lovers

Music reading resources  

Music Reading Resources

Landmark cards
Landmark chart
Interval Reading free book

Note chart with piano to fold at middle C

You Tube Channel

Some useful (and fun) music resources from YouTube. There are some playlists on various topics, or just some interesting favourites.
Susan Deas YouTube Channel
Chord Symbols Reference Chart  

Improvisation Resources

Chord Symbols Reference Chart
A guide to the chord symbols used in pop and jazz and what each one means
Chord Practice Chart
To help you learn chords
  Advance Australia Fair

Advance Australia Fair

A student requested this so that he could play the anthem at his school. I've made my arrangement public domain, so help yourself!
Advance Australia Fair - easy piano in A

Advance Australia Fair - easy piano in G
Hands playing piano  

Playing by Ear Lists

These are lists of songs in graded order of difficulty, for use in learning to play by ear.
Sorted by melodic difficulty (pdf)
Sorted by chord difficulty (pdf)
  Wedding music

Wedding Music

Some advice for planning your wedding music, with links to YouTube samples
Wedding music advice
Manuscript paper  

Manuscript paper

12 staffs per page
10 staffs per page
8 staffs per page
6 large staffs per page
  Ancient Greek Music Lesson

History of Music

Suggested listening and pictures for each period of the history of western music
Resources for the History of Western Music
Practice charts  

Practice Charts

Give yourself a sticker each time you practice. The right-hand column is for a star.
PDF version as a sample
Word version to customise it the way you want it
  The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

The New Grove Dictionary online

You can access the most respected English-language music encyclopedia online by joining the National Library of Australia. Get a library card, then log in to their eResources.
Musicianship Set Works  

Musicianship Set Works

Suggested listening and recordings for Grades 4-6
Musicianship Set Works


Some resources for English translations
Mass translation
Requiem translation
Aria Database
Polyphonic music  

Music Craft Listening Lists

Suggested listening and recordings for set works and instruments
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
  Music Shop

Print Music Shops and Websites

Carlingford Music Centre Carlingford
Music on the Move Hurstville
Sheet Music Direct online store
Music Notes online store
Mutopia online resource for public domain music