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Studio Policy

Terms and conditions of lessons at Susan Deas Music Pty Ltd


• Payment for lessons is $44 for a 30 minute lesson, $66 for a 45 minute lesson, and $88 for a 60 minute lesson*, including GST.

• Cash, cheque or bank transfer is accepted. (Bank transfer is preferred.)

• Payment must be made in advance at the beginning of each school term or calendar month, excluding school holidays and public holidays.

• Books and music are not included in the lesson fee, and must be paid for by the student when required.

• Lessons cancelled by the student must be paid for at the full rate and will not be refunded.

• Cancelled lessons will only be rescheduled if a time is available within 14 days after the missed lesson.

• Lessons will not be rescheduled if less than an hour’s notice is given of cancellation.

• There is no guarantee that lessons will be rescheduled.

• Four weeks’ notice is required for termination of lessons or reduction of the lesson length.

*As a comparison, the Music Teachers' Association of NSW standard rates for teachers are currently set at $96.80 per hour.