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Eight Week Courses

Eight Great Composers Another Eight Great Composers A History of Classical Music A Beginner's Guide to Classical Music How Music Works: A Beginner's Guide Classical Genres A Beginner's Guide to the Orchestra A Beginner's Guide to Opera Music Theory Classes

One Day Courses: Composers

The Miracle of Mozart What is it about Mahler? The Life and Music of Chopin The Genius of J. S. Bach The Magnificent Handel The Legend of Beethoven The Flamboyant Liszt Romantic Brahms Tchaikovsky: Turmoil and Triumph The Great Puccini Glorious Gershwin

One Day Courses: Topics

The Piano Understanding Chamber Music Understanding the Orchestra The Joy of Choral Music
Understanding the Symphony Understanding the Concerto Understanding Opera The Story of Opera Through History
Music of the Baroque Period Music of the Classical Period Music of the Romantic Period Music of the Impressionist Period

Short Talks

Susan lecturing A list of Susan’s one-off lectures

1 - 3 hours