Romantic Brahms

1 day, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

The young Brahms

From his beginnings as a tavern piano player to his final appearance receiving ovations after every piece, Brahms was a man of contrasts. Never marrying but loving Clara Schumann all his life, writing in the late Romantic period but influenced by Classical composers, the unique beauty of his music can be grand and stirring, intimate and expressive, or bold and vibrant. This course examines the life and works of Brahms, in historical and social context, richly illustrated with music, paintings and photographs. No musical knowledge is necessary.

Course Outline

Session 1

  • What do we think of when we think of Brahms?
  • Brahms’ place in music history
  • Europe in the Romantic period
  • Brahms’ musical style
  • Brahms’ Lullaby: Cradle Song

Session 2

  • Childhood in Hamburg
  • Brahms’ music education
  • Early compositions for piano
  • Professional pianist
  • Brahms on the road: touring with Eduard Remenyi
  • Brahms meets Liszt and the Schumanns
  • Brahms’ love for Clara Schumann

Session 3

  • Hamburg and Vienna
  • Agathe von Siebold
  • Julie Schumann, daughter of Clara
  • The Alto Rhapsody
  • The piano music of Brahms
  • The German Requiem

Session 4

  • Brahms in his later years
  • Awards and adulation
  • The four symphonies
  • The Violin Concerto
  • Late chamber music and piano music
Book cover, Romantic Brahms

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