Music of the Impressionist Period

10:00 - 11:30 am Wednesdays from 10 November 2021 (4 weeks), online via Zoom

Monet: Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge, 1899

The period from around 1880 to 1920, sometimes described as Impressionism, elicited some of the most beautiful and bewitching compositions of western music history. Composers such as Sibelius, Elgar, Mahler, Debussy and Ravel gave the world exotic and rich new sounds, in the last moments before many composers abandoned ‘normal’ music and went atonal. This study day examines the music of this period in its historical and social context. No musical knowledge is necessary.

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Course Outline

Session 1

  • The turn of the twentieth century: a fascinating period of history
  • What is Impressionism? What is Impressionism in music?
  • Social, cultural and historical background: Europe, 1880-1920
  • The art of the Impressionist period: we look at art and architecture of the period, and see parallel tastes in art and music

Session 2

  • Musical genres of the Impressionist period: experiments in genre
  • Compositional techniques: what Impressionist composers were trying to achieve, and how they achieved it
  • Musical characteristics: what to listen for, and how to get more out of Impressionist music
  • Contrasting composers: Puccini, Mahler, Debussy, Ravel, Vaughan Williams, Satie, Rakhmaninov

Session 3

  • Song in the Impressionist period: Mahler and Richard Strauss
  • Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen
  • Richard Strauss: Four Last Songs
  • Opera in the Impressionist period
  • Puccini’s Madama Butterfly

Session 2

  • The Symphony in the Impressionist period
  • The symphonies of Mahler, Rakhmaninov, Elgar and Vaughan Williams
  • The Concerto in the Impressionist period
  • Elgar: Cello Concerto
  • Rakhmaninov’s piano concertos
  • Sibelius: Violin Concerto
  • Piano music of the Impressionist period
  • Debussy: Clair de Lune
  • Satie’s Gymnopedies and Gnossiennes
  • The piano music of Ravel

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Next class: 10 November - 1 December 2021
Wednesday mornings 10:00 - 11:30 am
4 weeks
Online via Zoom, through Susan Deas Music
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