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Music Courses as Fundraisers

Raise money by offering something different

Music appreciation courses can make great fundraisers. You can provide community education and offer your subscribers something different with a one-day music course on a topic of your choice. Use your mailing list to your advantage – very little administration is needed, and profits can be high if costs can be kept down. Courses can be customised to particular topics and occasions.
Music appreciation courses as fundraisers

Sample Costings for a One Day Course


20 people

40 people

60 people

Course fee ($130 per head)* $2,600 $5,200 $7,800


Speaker ($130 per hour) $910 $910 $910
Catering (tea and coffee, $10 per head) $200 $400 $600
Lecture notes ($5 per head) $100 $200 $300
Total expenses $1,210 $1,510 $1,810





*Based on similar 1 day courses at adult education institutions. Figures are estimates only. Costings don't include venue, equipment hire or advertising. Profits may be increased by doing your own catering and printing. All figures include GST.
“Susan is just a fantastic teacher. She has a wonderful personality that shines through and is incredibly knowledgeable about her subject. I would consider enrolling in any course that Susan is teaching.”    

Courses Available

Complete list of courses available

One Day Courses: Composers

• Bach
• Handel
• Mozart
• Beethoven
• Liszt
• Tchaikovsky
• Brahms
• Mahler
• Puccini
• George Gershwin

One Day Courses: Topics

• Understanding the Symphony
• Understanding The Concerto
• Understanding the Orchestra
• Understanding Chamber Music
• Understanding Opera
• The History of Opera
• The Joy of Choral Music
• Music of the Baroque Period
• Music of the Classical Period
• Music of the Romantic Period
• Music of the Impressionist Period

Eight Week Courses

• A Beginner's Guide to Classical Music
• A Brief History of Music
• Classical Genres
• Eight Great Composers
• Another Eight Great Composers
• A Beginner's Guide to Opera
• How Music Works: A Beginner's Guide
• A Beginner's Guide to the Orchestra

Equipment Required

• Stereo speakers
• Data projector and screen
• Piano or keyboard

About Susan Deas

B.A., B.Mus., A.Mus.A, M.Mus., MMTA

Susan Deas is a professional musician, lecturer and teacher. As well as lecturing for such groups as Musica Viva, Pacific Opera, and the Jane Austen Society, she is a regular lecturer at Sydney University’s Centre for Continuing Education and at WEA Sydney, where her music appreciation courses such as “A Beginner’s Guide to Classical Music” and “Classical Sampler” are very popular. Susan also has been performing as a professional pianist for two decades at various venues in Sydney and Newcastle. Susan’s training includes a Bachelor of Arts (Communications) at the University of Technology, a Bachelor of Music at the University of New South Wales, and a recently-completed Master of Music Studies (Studio Pedagogy) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She has also achieved an A.Mus.A in Musicianship. Susan is on the Council of the Music Teachers’ Association of New South Wales.