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Form and Structure

General Knowledge Workshops

Concert hall   Exploring the underlying structure of music gives an insight into the craftmanship and complexity of classical music. In this workshop students will examine the main structures used in music, and gain a deeper understanding of how form works. Larger forms studied will include the symphony, the concerto and the sonata. Smaller forms explored will include Binary, Ternary, Rondo, Theme and Variations, and Sonata form. Students will be able to more easily analyse and understand their own pieces.

For high school students, aged 12 to 18.

This workshop will help with:

• Practical exams, Grade 5 and upward
• Music Craft, Grade 2 and upward
• Theory of Music, Grade 2 and upward
• Musicianship Grade 3 and upward

Comments about this course

"I think that this session was very informative and gave me a deeper understanding and knowledge of the 'rules and guidelines' or the simple stuff that composers base their works on."

"I liked that everything was really clear and set out well so I understood (good form and structure!)"

"I liked how we analysed examples of the different structures and forms"

"It gave me a clearer knowledge of the different forms and structures which I can relate to different pieces of music"

General information about the workshops

Course Outline

Session 1: Large Forms

• Discussion: What is structure for?
• Movements
• The Sonata
• The Symphony
• The Concerto
• The Suite
• The Overture
• Summing up

Morning Tea

Session 2: Forms Within Forms

• Through-composed
• Theme and Variations
• Fugue
• Binary
• Ternary
• Song form/32 bar form/A-A-B-A form
• Minuet and Trio form, and Scherzo
• Rondo
• First Movement or Sonata Form
• Sonata Rondo form
• Analysing forms
• Form in performance
• Summing up

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