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School Holiday Workshops

General Knowledge Workshops

Truly understand the music you play (and nail your exam general knowledge while you're at it)
School Holiday Workshops • History explored through musical examples, artworks, and social background
• Games and quizzes to reinforce learning
• Comprehensive handouts provided
• For high school students, aged 12 to 18

Contact Susan to arrange a workshop at Susan's Leichhardt studio
• Cost: $380* for 3 hours for up to 5 people (can include parents and teachers)

*based on the Music Teachers' Association group rate

Comments from past students

"I enjoyed the examples for everything, it was great hearing it when actually applied to music."
- Kira, 13

"I thought it had a relaxed mood due to the small group. The teaching was relaxed and comfortable and I learnt a lot. The music examples were especially good. I learnt a lot and it was quite varied"
- Amanda, 16

"The method was excellent, with a lot of material learnt quickly and thoroughly. A lot of breaks and fun activities. Excellent musical examples to back-up points."
- Kevin, 14

"I thought it was overall very helpful. It was good that we could discuss all of our ideas, and even though we discussed everything in the booklet we also talked about things we were curious about. It was also a good timing and the breaks were the right amount of time.  All together it was really fun, interesting and I learned a lot."
- Ella, 13




The Workshops

Baroque and Classical Styles

Baroque and Classical Styles

3 hours, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Students will look at art and architecture of the Baroque and Classical periods, listen to music examples, and explore what the composers of each period were trying to achieve, and what makes their music sound the way it does. More
Romantic and Modern Styles

Romantic and Modern Styles

3 hours, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Students will examine the music of the Romantic period and the twentieth century in its artistic and social context, to gain a deeper understanding of the music they play. A look at Impressionism will be included. More
Key, Tonality, Modes and Modulations

Key, Tonality, Modes and Modulations

3 hours, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the way key and tonality works in music, and how to analyse and detect different keys and modulations. The modes will also be explained and explored. More
Form and Structure

Form and Structure

3 hours, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

This workshop will examine the main structures used in classical music, and gain a deeper understanding of how form works. They will more easily be able to analyse and understand their own pieces. More
Understanding the Orchestra

Understanding the Orchestra

1 day, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

This workshop explores the instruments of the orchestra, how they work and how they are used. Aural identification of instruments is included. More

More about Susan Deas

Susan has been teaching adult music appreciation courses for over 10 years, through Sydney University's Centre for Continuing Education and WEA Sydney. She has a Bachelor of Music with a major in performance (piano) and musicology, a Master of Music Studies (Studio Pedagogy), a Bachelor of Arts (Communications), and the A.Mus.A in Musicianship. She teaches piano and musicianship to adults and children, and performs on the piano and organ in various venues around Sydney.

More about Susan's qualifications

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