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Music Craft Grade 1 Listening List


Download these works from iTunes to help with Music Craft

These lists are designed to accompany AMEB's Music Craft syllabus. At each grade students are required to become familiar with the sounds of various musical instruments, and are given set works to study. The music selected below gives a sample of each instrument for the grade, both in solo and orchestral contexts, and also includes a full version of each of the set works. The music includes some well-known and some less famous pieces, and covers a wealth of music in a variety of styles. The selections for each grade fit onto a single CD, or the songs can be downloaded onto an MP3 player.
Polyphonic music
Polyphonic music
Polyphonic music

First Grade Listening List

Bach: Sonata for Flute Solo in A minor, BWV 1013: IV. Bourree anglais

Flute solo

Tchaikovksy: Nutcracker Ballet Suite: Dance of the Flutes

Flute with orchestra

Telemann: 12 Fantasies: Fantasy No. 1

Oboe solo
From the album
"Fran├žois Leleux: Solo Oboe"

Vaughan Williams: Concerto for Oboe and Strings: II: Minuet & Musette

Oboe with orchestra

Lennox Berkeley: Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo

Clarinet solo

Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A, K. 622, II: Adagio (2nd movement)

Clarinet with orchestra

Telemann: Fantasia 4 andante (for solo bassoon)

Bassoon solo

Vivaldi: Bassoon Concerto in A minor, RV 498: III. Allegro

Bassoon with orchestra

Anon: Botany Bay

Set work for Grade 1
Recommended recording: from the album "Songs for Aussie Kids" by The Goanna Gang (track 8)

Mozart: "A Birdcatcher Am I" (The Birdcatcher's Song) from The Magic Flute

Set work for Grade 1
Recommended recording: from the album, "The Classical Child at the Opera," in English translation from the original German (track 5)

Traditional: Jamaican Rumba

Set work for Grade 1
Recommended recording: from the album "Larry Adler: Harmonica Virtuoso" (track 7)

Anon: Sleep Baby Sleep

Set work for Grade 1
Recommended recording: Elizabeth Guest, from the album "Sleep, Baby, Sleep"

Preliminary Music Craft Listening List
First Grade Music Craft Listening List (you are here)
Second Grade Music Craft Listening List
Third Grade Music Craft Listening List