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Susan Deas, Susan Deas Music
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Susan Deas is a musician and teacher. She lectures in music appreciation, teaches piano, conducts professional development workshops for music teachers, and performs as a pianist and organist. Susan Deas Music was established in 1993.
Music Appreciation Courses Music Appreciation Courses
Enrich your listening and increase your understanding of music More
Another Eight Great Composers

Improvisation for Classically-Trained Pianists: How to Play from Chord Charts

Music Theory Classes

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Piano Lessons Piano Lessons
Piano lessons for children and adults - all styles including classical, popular and jazz More
Piano and Organ Performance Piano and Organ Performance
Receptions, parties, weddings, funerals, church services, singalongs More
Music Theory Classes Music Theory Classes
Intensive courses to help you fill in the gaps in your musical knowledge More
School Holiday Workshops School Holiday Workshops
For teenagers - General Knowledge Workshops to supplement their music lessons More
Professional Development for Music Teachers Professional Development for Music Teachers
Private lessons or workshops - improvisation, playing by ear, sight reading, ear training More
Publications Publications
Improvisation for Classically-Trained Pianists • Songs from Darling Street More
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